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Building a business, day by day

Optimising your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns

I know I’ve spoke about Sponsored Products before. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Amazon’s Pay Per Click (PPC) channel. In my post about trialling PPC Entourage I mentioned that you can do a lot of it yourself, by downloading the reports and applying filters. This may not be that sophisticated and it can be time consuming – particularly if you’re selling multiple products in multiple marketplaces – but,.. Read More

All by MAMA / selling on another platform

Now available at ALL by MAMA

I’ve just started selling on another platform – ALL by MAMA.   This is a site where all of the products are created by parents running a business alongside family life. I’m pretty excited to have my products available somewhere else.  I figure it’s good for visibility and credibility, if nothing else.  They manage the PR and other promotional activity, which is something that never seems to make it to the.. Read More

Are you still looking for a Mother’s Day gift?

Tiny Chipmunk free printable coupons for new Mums

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend (in the UK), so I decided to pull together a list of great gifts for new Mums, inspired by my Facebook and Instagram fans. By far the most popular, were the practical things you can do.  For example, cooking a meal, taking care of the baby (or older children), tidying the house, etc. Inspired by this, I’ve created some free printable coupons, that will make.. Read More

PPC Entourage

Amazon Sponsored Products is an ongoing, uphill struggle for me.  I use it in all the marketplaces I sell in and some are always doing well, while others are not. If it works, it’s fantastic and can really give your products more visibility.  If it’s not working, it’s money down the drain. There are loads of tools and resources out there – some free, some paid for – to help.. Read More

Using JumpSend to automate customer emails

JumpSend set up

At the end of last year I received an offer for JumpSend for a 3 month free trial of their ‘Starter’ package (currently $29 a month).  With this package you can send automatic follow-up emails to your customers for 3 of your products. You can also offer unlimited discount coupons on their deals page. I’ve written before about the importance of reviews.  I did say there wasn’t definitive proof that.. Read More

Collaborating – let’s work together

It’s half term this week in the UK and I’ve been on holiday. (An actual holiday too, rather than a few days of not working.)  Taking a break when you run your own business is tough, and being with three kids under five is exhausting, but luckily (?!) I was struck down with a really bad cough and cold, so working just wasn’t an option. All this enforced rest has.. Read More

Using Amazon Custom

After adding the options for my new personalised towels to my own website I decided to see if there was a way I could advertise them on Amazon (since I already have the account).   Amazon Custom A quick Google and I came across something called Amazon Custom. I hadn’t heard of this, nor do I see many personalised items on Amazon (UK),  so can only assume it’s new and.. Read More

Tiny Chipmunk towels can now be personalised!

Tiny Chipmunk bamboo hooded towel - personalised

I’m very excited to share with you that you can now personalise your Tiny Chipmunk bamboo hooded baby towel. You have the option to have your child’s name embroidered (in the colour to match the towel you’ve selected) in a choice of fonts. I’ve been working with another local business owner to make this happen.  We finally have the logistics worked out (we think!), so I’ll see how it goes… Read More

Why I’m not working in the mornings

Five minute journal

I’ve made some changes to how I run my business this year.  The biggest one for me, personally and professionally is that I no longer work in the mornings (before the kids get up). I know I was banging on about how great an idea this is, not so long ago, but my situation has changed and it doesn’t work for me anymore.  It was only ever intended to be.. Read More

Setting up a Shopify store

If you receive this blog via email, you might have noticed you didn’t receive one last week.  That’s because the brand new website went live and the blog ‘disappeared’ for a few days. The new site is pretty similar to the old one, but rather than just using Shopify buy buttons, it’s a full-on Shopify online store. The advantages of this are: I have full control over the site (so.. Read More