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Why I’m not using Pan-European FBA


I mentioned a few posts ago, that I’d chosen not to use Pan-European FBA.  I used to use it – but the problem was, I was very naive about the implications and ending up having to pay a lot of additional money that I hadn’t accounted for…   So, what is Pan-European FBA? If you are an FBA seller in Europe you can have one Seller Account, one pool of.. Read More

Want to get started on Amazon? I can help you!

I can help you get started on Amazon

You’ll know by now that one of the reasons for this blog is help others.  Well, I’ve decided to go one step further with that and actually offer practical help (rather than just in blog format).  If you want to get started on Amazon, this is the place to come! My journey so far has been amazing, I’d love to help others get going, but I know it can be.. Read More

2018 FBA fee changes (Fulfilment by Amazon)

If you sell on Amazon EU already, you might have got a shock last week (26 April) when the FBA fees suddenly increased. I had known this was coming (there was a fair bit of notice), but always had it on my radar as something coming up.  So when I went into Fetcher and checked my dashboard, I first of all thought something was wrong – as my profits weren’t.. Read More

A few changes to this blog

I’m going to be honest.  The past few weeks have been tough.  We had school holidays so I had less time and, even now we should be back in the swing of things, I’m still struggling to keep on top of all the things I want to do – and the things I should be doing and the things that definitely need to get done. That’s not sustainable so, of.. Read More

Why I started, then quit, using Google Adwords (for now, anyway)

I haven’t done an article on things that haven’t worked lately – so it’s probably about time for one!  Plenty of this will still be useful and relevant if you’re thinking of setting up a campaign of your own. When I had my new Shopify store up and running, I decided it would be a good idea to drive more traffic to it directly, rather than getting all my sales.. Read More

My best social media tips

Last week I was at a networking event where we did some brainstorming around ideas each of us were stuck with.  Almost all of them, were in some way related to social media. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert here, but I have made some small changes over the year which have really helped me. Both in terms of getting more engagement (through providing more relevant content).. Read More

Improving your inventory management

So, you may have seen that my pink towels are out of stock.  This is obviously good news but, what’s not so good, is it will still be a while until they’re back.  I definitely need to work on my inventory management! This is down to three things: Production time Shipping time Not re-ordering in time! I have tried to get better at inventory management. (Honestly!)  In my defense, it.. Read More

Who I am – and why I love bamboo

Tiny Chipmunk video thumbnail

I’ve had a video made!  I’ve wanted to experiment with using video for a while, as it’s a great way to share your message. I wanted to get across a little about me, what I’m about and what my aims are for Tiny Chipmunk. A big chunk of it is dedicated to bamboo. As you probably know by now, I’m passionate about it being a great natural material for babies.. Read More

Optimising your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns

I know I’ve spoke about Amazon Sponsored Products before. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Amazon’s Pay Per Click (PPC) channel. In my post about trialling PPC Entourage I mentioned that you can do a lot of it yourself, by downloading the reports and applying filters. This may not be that sophisticated and it can be time consuming – particularly if you’re selling multiple products in multiple marketplaces –.. Read More

All by MAMA / selling on another platform

Now available at ALL by MAMA

I’ve just started selling on another platform – All by MAMA.   This is a site where all of the products are created by parents running a business alongside family life. I’m pretty excited to have my products available somewhere else.  I figure it’s good for visibility and credibility, if nothing else.  They manage the PR and other promotional activity, which is something that never seems to make it to the.. Read More