My Story

Starting my own ecommerce business has changed my life.  I can work from home, around my family, yet still bring in an income.

During this time I’ve looked at getting expert help – whether from joining a course or paying a freelancer and always found it to be way out of my budget.  Or, often, the courses are run by people running million-dollar businesses – which seems so far away from where I am now.

My goal has always been to help others who want to launch their own business.

This blog is the story of how my business has grown, with some really practical advice, guidance and things I’ve learnt along the way.

If you’d like to start (or have already started) your own e-commerce business, or have a product idea, but no idea how to make it a reality, email me at vicki@tinychipmunk.com.  I would LOVE to help you.


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