Common concerns about signing up for Launch It!

Are you thinking about signing up for Launch It!, my online course to take your physical product from idea to launch?  Do you have a few little questions, doubts, or concerns, stopping you from hitting the sign up button?

If so, I get it. 

It’s a big decision and an investment.

It’s natural to wonder about whether it’s right for you.  So I want to share some of the most common concerns I’ve heard – and give you my honest response.

Concern 1 – It’s expensive

I’d say that it’s actually great value!  If you were to pay me to design, validate, spec and source your product for you, it’d cost over £800.

For a smaller investment, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to do it yourself – with plenty of support along the way.  

You get the experience of having launched a product, you can easily repeat the process any time you want to sell additional products, plus you’ll have the confidence that you can do it.  Without getting too carried away, just imagine how that confidence boost could transform every aspect of your life?

Personally, I’d say it’s a great investment in yourself!

Concern 2 – It’s a big investment, when I don’t even know whether my idea is actually feasible, or profitable

OK, I do get this one.  The first thing we’ll do in the course is define and validate your idea. 

What if you do that and then realise it’s just not going to work?

In that case, you may prefer to sign up for the Launch It! mini-course.  For just £99 you’ll get access to the first two modules of Launch It! (where all the validation happens).

If you then decide your idea has potential, you can upgrade and receive the final modules.

If you feel your idea won’t work out, you’ve invested much less – plus you can repeat the process for any future ideas you have.

Concern 3 – I don’t have the time

If you’re serious about creating a physical product it will take some time and effort. There’s really no way around it.

However, I have done all I can to help you out here.

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but I spent / wasted a lot of time when I started out, just trying to figure everything out.  What to do, where to look, in what order, etc.

I’ve removed all of that for you and only included the stuff you need to know, broken down into simple, actionable steps.

All videos are short and sweet (under 20 minutes).  You can realistically spend just a few hours a week and still get through it all in 6-8 weeks.

Concern 4 – I don’t even know if I have a product idea in me.

So you’d like to create and sell your own product, but you’re not sure you have an idea worth pursuing?

This is where you and I may have to disagree.  🙂 I am certain you have an idea in you! So certain in fact that I’m offering a free 20-minute call to get you started once you sign up. You can run your ideas by me for some input, or if you we can brainstorm them together.  Either way, I am sure you have something other people will want and need to buy from you!

You can also check out this blog post, where I share 6 simple ways you can get inspiration for your own product ideas.

Concern 5 – It’s not the right time for me

Ok, so if not now, then when?  The sooner you put the work into validating, then creating your product, the sooner you can launch it and create a whole new income stream.

If you really put your head down and focus, you could have your product ready to sell in around 6 weeks (depending on production times and other variables).  That means, if you sign up now, you can have your product selling by the end of the year. Imagine being able to include that among your 2019 accomplishments!

Plus, the short term pain is far out-weighed by the benefits of having products that you can sell (and generate revenue from) every day.

Want to sign up for Launch It! or the intro course?  Both are open for enrolment right now!

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